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Thanks for the response. Do you know if Experian has a website? I tried googling it but the results that came up were mostly about checking your credit score, so I don't think I'm on the right path. Your PM offer is quite generous, but I think I should pass as I'm nowhere near being able to put this together within the next year or two at this point, so I don't want to bother them until I have more things together on my end. I may take it up in the future though.

As for the two locations I was just concerned the resort might not be big enough as the wintergreen looked like it could accommodate three times the number the people. The resort room A is the same size as the wintergreen's dance floor, which makes for a good visual comparison. I do understand how not having accommodations within walking distance is likely to be a major turn off though, so I think I will stick with the resort location for now.

Being as the resort location is a bit more high end than your typical hotel (spa, golf, etc.) is there a particular way to approach them or phrase things that's more likely to make them open to the idea of allowing a large group of people in costumes? I know the location has done weddings, banquets, and conferences before but as they haven't done anything similar to an anime convention I'm not sure how well they'd take the proposal.

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