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  • How old are you? - 27 Years Old
  • What do you consider your gateway into anime/manga - My very first anime as a kid was a really old show in the USA called Tekknoman. When it played on UPN 20 on Saturday Morning, my brother and I would get up early to watch it. It was my gateway until I got older and then watched Ronin Warriors.
  • Around what age did you become a serious fan? (Approximate) - Young adult, about 20 to 21 years old.
  • What has helped you nurture your interest in anime/manga over the years? What has hurt it? - I still cling to the old school stuff far more than the newer stuff. The classics, Cowboy Bebop, Ronin Warriors, Outlaw Star, etc. It has probably hurt my chances of liking newer animes. I just think the older stuff is better than the stuff coming out now.
  • What are your feelings on anime conventions? How have those feelings changed over time? - Anime conventions are fine. I enjoy going to them and the panels. After seeing so many panels at conventions, I'm starting to get up the nerve to actually do a panel workshop on Yukata-dressing. While this doesn't sound strange to others who have done panels, as someone who has trouble in social settings, this is a big step for me in being social.
  • What do you see as some obstacles older fans face? - I think the more serious you take the anime culture as you get older, there is the ability to see past the anime and actually deal with real-life Japanese culture. I belong to a message board called Immortal Geisha, and from their advice on Kimono/Yukata dressing, as well as real Geiko/Maiko/Geisha/Half-C harge culture, it tends to bring up the foundation of anime. While many younger people like anime, few dig deeper into the real culture of Japan. I think that only gets noticed when you get older.
  • How do you view fans that are significantly older or younger than you? - As long as teen fans or young adults don't glomp me, shower, wash or dry-clean their costumes, and obey the rules of the convention, I see nothing wrong with them.
  • [24 and older fans only] What particular advice would you give to a fan that is getting older? - If you like anime, but want to dig deeper into the Japanese culture, feel free to do your own research. If that means buying and annotated version of the Tale of Genji, then feel free to do so. Also, if you like an anime that have characters dressing in Kimonos or Yukatas, do some research on them or go to a panel on Kimonos/Yukatas, their history, etc.
  • Any additional thoughts/comments - Researching, either for general knowledge or to write a fan fiction, is helpful. Also, the F7 Key wishes to be cuddled.
In your conventions, wearing my Yukata!

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