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- How old are you?

18. I know, I'm not that old.

-What do you consider your gateway into anime/manga?
Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and Naruto (that was a big one for me.)

-Around what age did you become a serious fan? (Approximate)
15. It was the summer after my freshman year of high school, and I was going through my obligatory emo phase. Watching anime actually put an end to that.

-What has helped you nurture your interest in anime/manga over the years? What has hurt it?
Help-Watching great anime reviewers, listening to great anime-related podcasts, and going to conventions.
Hurt-People on the Internet, especially those people who say that "Naruto/One Piece/Attack on Titan/Kill La Kill is the best anime EVAR." I will admit that I used to be like that with Naruto. I also think people who dislike dubs just for the sake of disliking dubs and people that regularly pirate anime are hurting the industry.

-What are your feelings on anime conventions? How have those feelings changed over time?
I love them, especially the smaller ones. The smaller ones like No Brand Con, feel like a family. Bigger ones can be overwhelming.
-What do you see as some of obstacles older fans face?
Criticism such as "Aren't you too old to be watching cartoons?" Also, older fans might feel ostracized by the fact that the average anime viewer is becoming younger and younger.

-How do you view fans that are significantly older or younger than you?
Older-Kudos to them to for putting up with horrible dubs and not being able to instantly stream anime. They are generally people that I respect.
Younger-I'm glad that more and more people of all ages are getting exposed to anime. I also believe that we otakus who deal with children regularly should try to expose them to age-appropriate anime; that way, when they are old enough to fully appreciate anime, they will. We are raising the next generation of otaku.
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