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I'm starting to plan out a panel around the idea of “The Aging Otaku” (working title). Some people know that Providence Anime Conference, which was limited to 21+ attendees was a good event, but didn’t take off for a variety of reasons. Despite that, the people who did go had a lot of fun.

While I’m in the amorphous blob stage of planning this, I have some questions that I’d like to ask people about getting older and still being a fan. Feel free to answer as many or as few questions that you’d like. Please also feel free to send me private topic if you’d rather not post your answers publicly. Any quotes, data, etc I pull from your responses will remain anonymous unless I specifically ask if I can use your name.

- How old are you?

-What do you consider your gateway into anime/manga?

-Around what age did you become a serious fan? (Approximate)

-What has helped you nurture your interest in anime/manga over the years? What has hurt it?

-What are your feelings on anime conventions? How have those feelings changed over time?

-What do you see as some of obstacles older fans face?

-How do you view fans that are significantly older or younger than you?

- [24 and older fans only] What particular advice would you give to a fan that is getting older?

-Any additional thoughts/comments:
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