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How old are you?

-What do you consider your gateway into anime/manga?
Saturday morning cartoons on Fox; Digimon, Monster Rancher and Escaflowne and Cartoon Network's Toonami; with Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha, Rurouni Kenshin, Cyborg 009, Code Lycko, and Yu Yu Hakashu.

-Around what age did you become a serious fan? (Approximate)
15-16ish, with .Hack/Sign, Cowboy Bebop,and FMA

-What has helped you nurture your interest in anime/manga over the years? What has hurt it? (Help) Moving on from enjoying anime as an artform, to enjoying the Vocal talent behind the dubbing. Plushies (need I say more?)

(Hurt) The price of box sets (sooner or later you reach a point of having to decide whether or not you will spend your money on new titles/series you haven't seen yet, or try to keep up with the 'fad' shows that everyone else is digging and/or continuing current shows you are watching that never seem to end) The state of the dubbing industry due to pirating; also the flaming that sometimes occurs over the battle of Sub vs. Dub

-What are your feelings on anime conventions? How have those feelings changed over time?
Big fan of conventions, even though I haven't attended too many, it has led me to assisting with several and hopefully continue to in the future.

-What do you see as some of obstacles older fans face?
Rise of conservatism; older fans are most likely to get to a point where their thoughts on what's 'risque' starts to change drasticlly from when they were younger. The same can be said about violence. Fear of obsoletion; as fans get older, fewer new fans of anime will likely recognize the 'masterpieces' of days of yore; Cowboy Bebop, FMA, Evangelion, etc.

-How do you view fans that are significantly older or younger than you?
(Older) a mix of awe and respect; awe because I can't imagine having to watch shows like the original Astro Boy, Speed Racer and Battle of the Planets. Respect, because they've been fans of anime longer than I have and have some crazy convention stories, and even though they are old, they still like the same stuff I do.
(Younger) a mix of pride and disdain; pride because their parents or at least the fans of anime have been doing their part to spread the awesomeness that is anime, and getting the next generation to learn the enjoyment to be had at anime cons, cosplay and anime in general. Disdain because a lot of these youngsters seem to be obsessed with just one or two shows, and think that the latest 'fad' show (like Death Note) as the say all end all anime show.

- [24 and older fans only] What particular advice would you give to a fan that is getting older?
Realize the average lifecycle of a popular anime series is only about two and a half years, and there are really only about a dozen scenerios that animes storylines are based off of, with few changes. That said, this shouldn't stop you from exploring these differences and enjoying each show for what it is (or finding your little niche of titles that you prefer, since we all can't be Mecha lovers, or Cyberpunk, etc) Also, no matter how cool the techniques are, Naruto is still a show about preteen ninjas, and sooner or later that will dawn on you, and the show will cease to be as cool as the inital premise seems/seemed to you at the time (Again, it's still worth watching as far as you can endure). Learn to enjoy other aspects of anime, than just the art or story; take up an interest in the vocal talents; or the additional talents behind the vocal talents; Kate Higgins, Mela Lee, Cindy Robinson, Vic Mignogna, Johnny Yong Bosch, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Melissa Fahn all are extremely talented musicians, Travis Willingham has done several on camera appearances in movies (The Guardian, Secondhand Lions), Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt have their own independent film company with their first film coming out soon, not to mention they are authors as well (check out their book Voice over Voice Actors: What's it like behind the Mic); Kate Higgins has also starred in an independent film (Green Valley). Finally, don't be a doush; don't be that 30+ year old guy/gal that tries to get autographs from VA's to sell at inflated prices on eBay or other auction sites; or puts other anime fans down because they haven't been as big of fans of anime as you have, like telling them ''back in my day; we called it 'Japananime''

-Any additional thoughts/comments:
Industrial Liaison Lead for MT anime conventions 2011

Sugoku Con Cosplay Picnic 2011 (Canceled; Prepping for full Con in '12')
Nagu Con (August 19-21?)
Electrycon (Canceled)

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